The Rambling Boy:
What is Christmas Without a Tree?

What is Christmas without a Christmas tree? The U.S. did not celebrate with trees for the first 250 years of it’s history. On this episode of the Rambling Boy, Lonn talks about the history of Christmas trees in North America. He says that the first National Christmas Tree was the result of a lobbying effort by a special interest group. The Society for Electrical Development was trying to popularize the use of electric Christmas tree lights and their lobbyist, Frederick Feiker, persuaded President Calvin Coolidge that a National Christmas Tree, lit by 2,500 red, white, and green electric bulbs, would be a good idea. At dusk on Christmas Eve, 1923, President Coolidge pressed a button that lit the tree. A crowd of 9,000 people sang Christmas carols to the music of the Marine Band until midnight.

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