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“Welcoming” Abuela Mural Watches Over Texas-Mexico Border

For the last couple of weeks, LA-based artist Miles MacGregor—known as El Mac—has been spending eight to 12 hours a day in a boom lift, repainting Presidio’s water tower. This past weekend, the completed image revealed itself: it’s of an … Continue reading

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Celebrating Mexican Independence on the Border

On the evening of September 15th, 1810 Mexican priest Miguel Hidalgo started the Mexican War of Independence with a ring of church bells and a call to arms – the “Grito de Dolores”. More than two centuries later, the cries … Continue reading

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Presidio-Ojinaga Port of Entry To Receive $13m Upgrade

The Presidio-Ojinaga port of entry is officially getting a makeover. The effort has been in the works since last year, and will now see the development of new bridges and pedestrian path to help ease traffic.

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Trump’s Plans Could Cripple Small Businesses on the Border

Last week when President Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer dropped the possibility of a 20% tariff on Mexican imports to pay for Trump’s wall, pubic voices around the country cried out. Big corporations complained tariffs would ruin them. Experts said … Continue reading

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Border Agency Investigating Employee’s Actions After Halloween Sign Offends Some In Presidio

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has launched an internal investigation after one of its employees in Presidio hung up a sign on Halloween telling trick-or-treaters that only Americans would receive candy from that employee’s house. “Solo las familias Americanas … Continue reading

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Presidio, Texas: Border Town Pins Hopes For Economy On Its Strategic Location

PRESIDIO, Texas —The area around the present town of Presidio on the Rio Grande, known as La Junta de los Ríos, is believed to be the oldest continuously cultivated farmland in Texas. About 1500 B.C. indigenous corn farmers settled here … Continue reading

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Rep Hurd (R-Texas) To Ask State Dept To Revisit Ojinaga Travel Warning

OJINAGA, Chihuahua–It’s  not something you see every day; a member of the United States Congress enters Mexico on the border and not by flying to Mexico City and back to Washington, DC. Congressional Representative Will Hurd (R-Texas) is also a … Continue reading

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West Texans’ Experiences Highlight Concerns Over Land Rights

Some West Texas residents are fighting legal battles across the border to maintain their property rights in Mexico, and their experiences highlight a larger concern about possible land rights violations.

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American Patients Find Cheaper Dental Care in Ojinaga

For many west Texans, a dentist appointment means taking a trip to another country. Insufficient or nonexistent dental insurance in the United States has spawned a steady stream of American clients in Ojinaga, the Mexican city bordering Presidio, Texas. Ojinaga … Continue reading

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