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Driving While High? Texas Police Say A ‘Marijuana Breathalyzer’ Could Help Tell

The number of Texans testing positive for cannabis after a traffic accident has gone up over the last few years. Trouble is, there’s no quick, reliable test to determine if they’re driving while high.

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‘We’re Hurting,’ Dallas Police Chief David Brown Says

Police used a bomb robot to detonate a device that killed a suspect who was in a standoff with police in downtown Dallas on Thursday, when 12 officers were shot.

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Crosses on Cop Cars: District Attorney Asks For Opinion from Attorney General

Christmas is a time for friends, family, and sometimes…culture wars. There’s been a dust-up in Alpine over the appearance of crosses on Brewster County police vehicles. On Monday, the Texas Attorney General was formally asked to weigh-on on the matter. Rod Ponton, 83rd District Attorney and a resident … Continue reading

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