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Rob Rosenthal Visits Marfa with the Transom Traveling Workshop

Rob Rosenthal has taught hundreds of students with Atlantic Public Media’s Transom Story Workshop – a celebrated program that has taught radio fundamentals to numerous audio producers. The website is a resource for those looking to learn the ins and outs of making radio.

For the first time ever, Rosenthal came to Marfa to teach a traveling workshop hosted by this station. Students visited from around the country to learn and produce stories about people who live in the Big Bend – all in a single week.

In this conversation, Pepple and Rosenthal discuss how he got into radio, the workshop, and what makes audio storytelling special.

“Think about how long we’ve been communicating in sound with one another… I don’t know what that sound was like, but I know we were doing it. I think it’s become, over the millennia, essential to who we are as critters… It’s part of what makes us human…” Rosenthal explains.

On Saturday, December 8, you can hear the stories produced during the Marfa Traveling Workshop from 6-8 pm at the Lumberyard.

Rosenthal also produces the podcast HowSound – a show that delves into the backstory to great radio storytelling.

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