Your Questions, Answered:

How Do 4-Way Stops Really Work?

As we approach peak summer festival season, one Marfa resident is out to learn the real rules of the busiest intersection in town  — the 4-way stop on San Antonio and Highland. And they’re not as simple as you might … Continue reading

Tall City, Empty Buildings: What’s Up With The Abandoned Skyscrapers In Downtown Midland?

An anonymous listener asked Marfa Public Radio: What’s the deal with the abandoned skyscrapers in downtown Midland? “Most of these buildings downtown were built for the Texacos, the Mobils, all those major oil companies.” It’s a question that stirred a … Continue reading

As Midland ISD Struggles to Keep Teachers, One Parent Searches For Answers

This Summer, we asked you to start sending us your questions about our region — big or small, silly or serious. It’s all part of a new journalism project we’re calling West Texas Wonders. High school teacher Ella Lujan posed … Continue reading

The Marfa Lights — Underground Lightning, Wandering Ghosts, Or Something Else?

By Diana Nguyen A few weeks ago, we asked you to send us questions that you have about our region for a new journalism project we’re calling West Texas Wonders. The first question we’re answering comes from listener David Missert in … Continue reading