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Faulting and Fracking: Exploring the History of Earthquakes in West Texas

Listener Ken Richards has always noticed the unique fragments and features of the Big Bend. “I assume some of that, a lot of that, moved around by earthquake,” says Richards. “But I’m wondering if it’s seismically active now.” West Texas Wonders … Continue reading

Without Hospice, Who Gets To Die In The Big Bend?

By Sally Beauvais More than a fifth of the people who call the vast Big Bend region of West Texas home are 65 or older, according to census data from 2016. And many of them, at one point or another, … Continue reading

The Cone-Nose and Chagas Disease: West Texas Realities to Reckon With

Listener Rachel Monroe was preparing recently for a Big Bend river trip. It was summer, and she thought she and her companion, a park ranger, could sleep in the open air, under the stars. But the ranger rejected that idea … Continue reading

The Rough-Footed Mud Turtle: A Water-Lover in a Parched Land

What kinds of turtles live around Marfa? The question comes from Nathan Stueve. The answer we found surprised us. For this episode, West Texas Wonders is teaming up with Nature Notes – our weekly look at the natural world of the … Continue reading

Did German Prisoners Of War Build Marfa’s Sewage System?

By Carlos Morales You might associate Marfa for a lot of things, the mysterious lights in the desert, the concrete, minimal art.  But you might not hear a lot about Marfa’s military history. In the early 1900s, Camp Marfa was set … Continue reading

What Kind Of Yoga Does Roseland Klein Do And How Often?

There’s no denying it — Classical Midday host and longtime Fort Davis resident Roseland Klein is in great shape. Roseland, lovingly known as the matriarch of Marfa Public Radio, is celebrating her 90th birthday on Saturday, December 8th. And like many of us … Continue reading