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The Rambling BoyStories About Texas is a weekly look at regional history, hosted by Lonn Taylor of Fort Davis. The show is broadcast Monday mornings after the 10 AM newscast, and Monday evenings after the 7 PM newscast.

Yturria and The Last Big Wild West Show in America

Several months ago, Lonn wrote a column about Tejano cowboys who had become vaqueros in the Wild West shows that toured America and Europe in the early-twentieth century, but it looks like he forgot to mention one well-known South Texas performer.

On this edition of the Rambling Boy, Lonn explores the life and times of Frank Yturria.

The Convict and His Big Spring Cantata

How did a talented musician, who was jailed in a Tennessee prison for his sticky fingers, come to write a composition about Big Spring, Texas?

On this edition of the Rambling Boy, Lonn explores the story of Frank Grandstaff, who among other things, wrote the West Texas themed cantata by tapping out notes on various surfaces with a pencil in his jail cell.



On this edition of The Rambling Boy, Lonn gives his thoughts on walls of all shapes and sizes – From the Great Wall of China to proposed, modern-day iterations.

The Meaning of “Tejas”

“Texas took took its name from a tribe of Indians called Tejas who lived in villages of funny little rounded houses, planted gardens, and had an interesting culture of their own.” – That’s an excerpt from Siddie Joe Johnson’s Texas, Land of the Tejas.

But is that the whole truth?

On this edition of the Rambling Boy, Lonn explore the true meaning of “Tejas”

Marfa for the Perplexed

“Marfa has always been a refuge for individualists and eccentrics.” -Lonn Taylor

On this edition of the Rambling Boy, Lonn discusses his latest book, Marfa for the Perplexed, a collection of essays he has written throughout his time in the Big Bend, focusing on important characters and historical events in Marfa and Presidio County.