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The Rambling BoyStories About Texas is a weekly look at regional history, hosted by Lonn Taylor of Fort Davis. The show is broadcast Monday mornings after the 10 AM newscast, and Monday evenings after the 7 PM newscast.

Texas Fence Law: A Surprisingly Complex (And Interesting) History

Fences line ranches across the State of Texas. You might not intuit it from a casual drive down the road, but there’s actually a pretty complex — and in some cases, murky — legal history behind these ubiquitous fixtures of Texas highways.

On today’s episode of the Rambling Boy, Lonn tells us about Five Strands: A Landowner’s Guide to Fence Law in Texas — a new 30-page booklet published by Texas A&M’s Agrilife Extension Service.

Texas Independence Day

In this week’s Rambling Boy, Lonn Taylor takes us back to the meeting of the Texas Convention in 1836. At this meeting, held for 17 days in an unfinished building at Washington-on-the-Brazos, a rough bunch of 59 Texans drafted a constitution for the new republic, organized a government, and appointed a president. Most of the delegates were representative of the frontier Texas environment, and after the convention, they returned to their roles as patriarchs in their hometowns.

Listen as Lonn takes us through the history of this rowdy bunch, tales of transients, a Mexican aristocrat, and Collin Mckinney, with whom Lonn has a surprising family connection.

George Washington and President’s Day

Today on the Rambling Boy, Lonn breaks down he history of President’s Day, George Washington’s infamous cherry tree story, and a big George Washington birthday bash that happens in Laredo, Texas.

Dr Paul Will – The Sausage King of the Big Bend

On this edition of The Rambling Boy, Lonn talks about his experience with Dr. Paul Will, Professor Emeritus of Animal  Science at Sul Ross State University.

Will has been teaching students how to process meat 39 years, including a class in sausage making, which ends with a contest to see who can make the tastiest sausage.



Quilts! And the Texas Stories They Tell

Lonn Taylor reads lots of books about history, and recently read one about quilts — Katherine Jean Adams’ Comfort and Glory: Two Centuries of American Quilts.

On this edition of the Rambling Boy, Lonn tells us about a few Texas quilts, and what they reveal about both their makers and the times in which they were made.