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The Rambling BoyStories About Texas is a weekly look at regional history, hosted by Lonn Taylor of Fort Davis. The show is broadcast Monday mornings after the 10 AM newscast, and Monday evenings after the 7 PM newscast.

Rent a Chicken and Don’t Fly the Coop

On this episode of Rambling Boy, Lonn explains why “the backyard chicken coop is an American tradition as old as the Pilgrims and apple pie.” Learn about the America’s history of hen houses and about a unique industry formed around egg-laying.

Renaming West Texas Counties and the Burden of Southern History

On this episode of The Rambling Boy, Lonn dives into the history of the names of Texas counties and rethinks the naming system altogether. Would West Texas be better off with an “Agave County” instead of one named after President of the Confederate States Jefferson Davis? 

The History of Texas Fences

On this episode of The Rambling Boy, Lonn dives into the history of Texas fences. He explores everything from the barbed wire, or “bab wahr,” fencing that’s ubiquitous across the state today to the ornate square picket fences popular in the 1890s.

The Remnants of French Socialist Utopia in Texas

This week, Lonn talks about the French socialist utopian community founded in 1855, just west of Dallas. It was one of a handful of utopian communities in America. Today, all that exists is an old cemetery, surrounded by strip malls and apartment buildings.

Kilpatrick vs. Candelaria vs. The United States Army

On this episode of Rambling Boy, Lonn recounts the infamous conflict between James Judson Kilpatrick, the town of Candelaria and the United States Army. J.J. Kilpatrick, as he liked to be called, came to Candelaria in 1906 from Laurenceville, Alabama to teach school. By 1918, he was embroiled in a violent feud that lasted until 1921.