Brewster County Voters Throw Out Recent Tax Increase

Voters in Brewster County have approved a measure throw out a recent tax increase approved by county commissioners last summer.

A special tax rollback election took place across the county on Tuesday, after opponents of the two cent property tax increase circulated a petition calling for the election and gathered enough signatures to hold it.

Unofficial results from the county show the measure passed by a large margin – 692 “for” and 98 “against” the measure to throw out the tax increase.

The county’s tax rate will now be dropped from the newly-approved amount of 39.86 cents down to a “rollback rate” of 37.27 cents – about one cent lower than what the rate was for 2013-2014. (All rates are per $100 of taxable property valuation.)

About 11% of all registered voters in the county took part in the election – 327 people cast a ballot in early voting.

The county still has to canvass the votes to make them official.

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