Alpine’s City Manager’s Future In Doubt, As Council Weighs Options

Last month, the city of Alpine decided to hire a consultant to help with what it called “personnel matters.” At issue was the performance of the city manager — who this week was the center of discussion of yet another city council meeting.

Jim Street is covering is a reporter in Alpine covering the story, he spoke to Marfa Public Radio about 

Interview highlights:

  • How did city manager Jessica Garza find herself in the center of this controversy?
  • Alpine has retained the help of a consulting firm to look into personnel matter. What did they find?

  • Is this story indicative of some larger divisions in Alpine’s city government? 


Carlos Morales

Rick Pratt, good friend named Lonn Taylor

They’re moving to Fort Davis — are restoring house in Fort Davis.

Two aspects of the border: militarization and



What were the issues with Jessica Garza?


How long had this rift gone on?


Take actions toward the employment of city manager Jessica Garza — reassignment, discipline, dismisssal, adjustment of duties.


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