Blue Origin Completes First Rocket Launch of 2018

The commercial space company Blue Origin completed another test launch this weekend at its West Texas facility in Van Horn. The mission is the company’s first of 2018.

After a weather delay and several cautionary holds, the New Shepard rocket was cleared for launch Sunday morning.

On this flight, Blue Origin was testing the rocket’s system, looking to launch it higher than they had before.  Traveling at speeds that reached up to 2,2000 mph, the rocket reached a peak altitude of about 351,000 ft. — which is well above the Karman Line, the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and space.

On board during Sunday’s flight was the company’s test dummy “Mannequin Skywalker.” For the second time, the dummy was “conducting astronaut telemetry and science studies.”

Blue Origin says after this mission the company is one step closer to flying humans into outer space. You can rewatch a replay of the flight below.



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