Blue Origin Launches New Shepard Rocket Into Space For 12th Time

By Sally Beauvais

Private space flight company Blue Origin successfully launched its New Shepard rocket from West Texas Wednesday afternoon, marking the twelfth test flight for the reusable rocket.

Wednesday’s launch lasted just over 10 minutes, with a maximum velocity of more than 2,200 miles per hour and an estimated peak altitude of around 343,000 feet.

Blue Origin testing its New Shepard rocket at its Van Horn facility in 2018. (Blue Origin)
The test flight, which was carrying several experiments, had no passengers on board. But Blue Originowned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezosis aiming to change that in the near future.

During today’s flight, the company’s director of sales Ariane Cornell said Blue Origin was getting close to flying passengers into space. Blue Origin also announced plans earlier this year to land astronauts on the moon as a part of NASA’s Artemis program.

You can watch Wednesday’s Blue Origin launch below.