Cecilia Thompson

      KRTS News Report on Cecilia Thompson

Area historian Dr. Cecilia Thompson of Marfa died on Monday at age 92. She was the author of the two-volume series: History of Marfa and Presidio County, Texas. The award-winning books covered the time period between 1535 and 1946.

At the time of her death, Dr. Thompson was actively working on a sequel, chronicling recent decades in Marfa, along with co-author Louise O’Connor. Dr. Thompson also worked with O’Connor on the book Marfa (2009), from the Images of America series.

Dr. Thompson spent most her life in the Tri-County region. She was educated at the University of Iowa, where she studied theater arts. In her later years, despite diminished hearing and sight, she remained an active and respected member of the local arts community.


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