Central Americans Sue the Trump Administration Over Family Separation

Three Central Americans are suing the Trump administration for its now reversed policy of separating families at the border. The lawsuit filed Wednesday is against several federal agencies, including the Office of Refugee Resettlement, which is responsible for the care and placement of “unaccompanied” children.

The plaintiffs in the case are from Honduras and Guatemala. All three were separated from their children. They’re represented by Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid — which argues family separation violated the fifth amendment rights of the parents.

One of the Guatemalans in the lawsuit crossed at a point of entry, legally seeking asylum but says has yet to be seen by a judge. The other two parents have been criminally convicted for illegal entry. All three plaintiffs are currently in separate detention facilities in Texas and say they have had limited contact with their children.

The lawsuit demands the plaintiffs be reunited with their kids.

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