Early Riser? Wake Up To A ‘Blood Moon’ Tomorrow

All you early birds are in for a treat tomorrow: a total eclipse of the moon—known as a “blood moon” for the red shading the moon takes on—will occur early tomorrow morning.

For most of the region, the total eclipse will begin at 5:24 AM and end at 06:24 AM. If your routine requires stopwatch precision, you can check the exact times for your town with this handy U.S. Navy calendar.

Here’s a neat .gif from our colleagues at NPR demonstrating the three (mirrored) stages of the eclipse. First, the moon enters the outer fringe of earth’s shadow: the penumbra. Next, the partial eclipse, as the moon slips into the earth’s full shadow: the umbra. Finally, the total eclipse, when the moon should glow red due to light skimming and bending through the earth’s atmosphere.



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