Earthquake southeast of Alpine

Today, on Tuesday January 24, there was an earthquake southeast of Alpine, about 17 miles, reported at a magnitude of 3.6. Many residents in Alpine and, to the south in Calamity Creek, and even to the north of town, reported shaking during the lunch hour.

“Did you feel that?” were the posts on social media, followed by a number of individual confirmations. The official report described it as a magnitude of 3.6, which is somewhat mild by earthquake standards. There have been a number of similar-sized earthquakes throughout the greater region in the past year, but none as close to Alpine.

An earthquake of the magnitude of 5.6 famously hit Alpine in the Spring of 1995, causing widespread concern and some property damage throughout town.

Brewster County officials have reported little to no damage in the Alpine area, and that no injuries have been reported.

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