Engineering Update

we suffered a major equipment failure on Friday that rendered our playback system inoperative for approximately 10 hours on Saturday beginning around 6 am. The backup for the server audio was unusable. Fortunately, a secondary backup system proved useful but, all of our weekend programming was not up to date in this backup. This has caused a lot of shows to sound bad. We do apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you bear with us for a day or two longer.
Sunday proved to be challenging but, we should see good progress and recovery soon. New equipment is on the way.

About wesley

Knob turner in-chief... No, really. I've been a broadcast engineer for 16 years. I've built and designed radio stations all over the US. I've trained for the likes of Google, iMediaTouch and Scott Studios as well as Audio Vault and NexGen. I also program Crestron automation and Symetrix DSP units. Originally from east Texas, I enjoy living in the far flung west texas highlands.
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