Marfa Airport Receives $800,000 From State

The Marfa Municipal Airport has been awarded about $800,000 from the Texas Department of Transportation, TxDOT said Thursday.

The funds were approved at a July meeting of the Texas Transportation Commission. They’ll be used for planned airport improvements, including some electrical improvements.

TxDOT said a bid for that improvement project will be completed sometime this summer, and that the costs of the project will be funded through Presidio County and TxDOT’s Aviation Facilities Grant Program. That program focuses on preserving and improving the state’s general aviation system.

The funds for the Marfa airport are part of a larger $60 million TxDOT expects to give to some number of about 275 community airports across the state that are eligible for new funding.

According to TxDOT, flights in and out of community airports account for more than three million flight hours per year.

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