Marfa Community Remembers Steve Holzer

Marfa resident Steve Holzer passed away in late September after a battle with cancer. Out-of-town family gathered with local friends on Saturday, November 15, at the Lumberyard in Marfa to celebrate his life.

He is survived by his wife Daeryl, who addressed the wall-to-wall crowd in front of a video that ran through images of Steve’s life.

Steve would never miss a good party and this is a good party.

She asked everyone to shout-out one word that described their memories of her husband and to say it in unison. Many others spoke, and local musicians and DJs played into the night.

Holzer was a carpenter and an artist, who focused on the nexus between science and art. Here he is in a 2008 interview on KRTS:

Well, as a very young man I had a great interest in science, but later discovered that artists had much more latitude in the world about what they could say and do. In general, scientists have a funny attitude about art. They kind of laugh at our romantic relationship with the world.

Holzer lived in the South, the Midwest, and in the West. He always wanted to move to Marfa. On his first day there in 2006, Holzer stopped by the radio station, in the first days of its construction, to ask what was going on. “We’re building a radio station,” General Manager Tom Michael told him. He responded, “I’ve got tools in the truck and I can help.” He stayed all week long.

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