National Guard Member Arrested On Sexual Assault Charges in Alpine

Alpine Police arrested a member of the Texas National Guard this week, charging him with sexually assaulting a woman after he reportedly attempted to rape her.

Luis Ontiveros, 30, was arrested after officers received a report of a sexual assault at a hotel in Alpine. Ontiveros is in the Big Bend Region for Operation Guardian Support, which began in April when President Trump called for a military presence on the border.

According to an affidavit obtained by Marfa Public Radio, the woman had been drinking with Ontiveros and others at the hotel when “she had gone to the restroom to throw up after drinking too much.”

Ontiveros then offered to take the woman to her hotel room to sleep. Once at the woman’s hotel room, the affidavit states Ontiveros told the woman that “if she did not wake up he was going to kiss her.” The woman told officers she pretended to be asleep, hoping that Ontiveros would leave the room. Instead, he proceeded to kiss her for an “extended amount of time.”

He then began removing her clothes and began touching her.

The woman told police she left the room when Ontiveros said he was “going to perform oral sex on her as he was touching her.”

“We are taking these allegations very seriously and will be opening up an inquiry into what happened Monday night in Alpine, Texas,” Laura L. Lopez, press secretary for the Texas Military Department, told the Daily Beast.

According to the Associated Press, Ontiveros was released on Tuesday after posting a $20,000 bond. Officials with the Alpine Police Department say the investigation will soon be handed off to the National Guard.


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