Nuanced Reporting Matters in a Complex World: Keep it Thriving in West Texas!

It’s that time of year again. Time for you to invest in high-quality, nuanced, detailed, independent journalism in West Texas.

Marfa Public Radio’s biggest source of funding comes directly from individual listener contributions. It’s that simple – we exit because you allow us to exist!

From the conflict in Syria, to the unprecedented nature of the 2016 election, to the close-to-home and high-profile conversations around border security in the U.S., thoughtful reporting is increasingly important to understanding our world.

With the help of NPR reporters around the globe and our local news team, our award-winning reporting helps keep you connected with conversations that affect the world around you and the world at large.

Support our efforts to keep you and your community informed and educated: make a one-time contribution, or become a sustaining member – and we thank you for it!

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