Quiet And Loud: Finding Comfort In The Dog Days Of The Pandemic

By Ari Snider

For the latest installment of Quiet and Loud, a series exploring how the sounds of West Texas have changed during the pandemic, we’re taking a closer look at our furry, four-legged friends.

Today, we’re talking about dogs, specifically those part of a national flurry of pet adoptions that began last year when lockdowns were first going into effect.

Djuna Pascher, of Marfa, with her dog Apple in March. Pascher and her family adopted Apple at the beginning of the pandemic. She said she “wanted someone to play with” every day. (Ari Snider / Marfa Public Radio)

Aunica Hatcher with dogs Henry (left) and Chuck at the Marfa dog park in March. Hatcher and her fiancé adopted Chuck in the early days of the pandemic, after first taking him in as a foster. (Carlos Morales / Marfa Public Radio)

Chuck (left) and Henry, running into the dog park. Hatcher, their owner, says the dogs have been an important source of emotional support during the pandemic. “When I’m having a bad mental health day,” Hatcher said, “Chuck we’ll come and he’ll just curl up.”

Henry and Chuck taking a break from chasing each other around the dog park to have a drink of water. “It’s good for my heart, and my head,” Hatcher says their owner of the emotional support that the dogs have provided, especially during a difficult and often isolating year. (Carlos Morales / Marfa Public Radio)
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