Terlingua Murder Trial Underway with Jury Selection, Opening Statements in Sierra Blanca

The trial over the alleged murder of Terlingua resident and La Kiva bar owner Glenn Felts by river guide Tony Flint is underway in Sierra Blanca, after opening on Monday with jury selection and continuing Tuesday with opening arguments from the prosecution and the defense.

Drew Stuart, Editor/Publisher of the Hudspeth County Herald, is covering the trial from the Hudspeth County Courthouse, and brings us an update.

Stuart tell us a 12-person jury – seven men and five women – was selected from an initial pool of about 400 county residents.

83rd District Attorney Rod Ponton is prosecuting the case, with attorneys Justin Low and Josh Stephens of Odessa serving as Flint’s defense team.

“Ponton said in his opening statements he was giving a roadmap of the evidence that would be presented to the jury,” Stuart reports, “and basically painted a picture of a pretty brutal killing.”

The prosecution will allege that Felts’ death in February of 2014 was caused by multiple physical injuries inflicted by Flint.

In what Stuart reports to be a surprise move, Flint’s attorneys say they’ll argue that Flint acted in self-defense. Flint is expected to testify in his own defense.

“During the jury selection process, one of the questions that the defense attorney asked all the jurors was ‘would you be prejudiced against someone who chose not to speak in their own defense?'” Stuart reports. “So I think a lot of us in the courtroom were assuming Tony Flint would not take the stand, but in the opening statements, they made it clear that he would.”

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