Texans In Tune: Evan Taucher

Nick Hurt, host of Marfa Public Radio’s Monday classical program, In Tune, is launching a new segment of his show dedicated to live recordings and interviews with fellow musicians at the University of Texas at Austin.

It’s called Texans In Tune.

In the inaugural segment, which originally aired on Marfa Public Radio on Monday, September 9, Hurt speaks with Evan Taucher, the first guitarist to enter UT Austin’s Artist Diploma program, where he currently studies with Adam Holzman.

Classical Guitarist Evan Taucher performing in Marfa Public Radio DJ Nick Hurt’s living room. (Courtesy of Nick Hurt)

Taucher was recently chosen as one of six musicians in the world to perform and study with Cuban composer Leo Brouwer in Banff, Canada.

Hurt speaks with him about how he entered into the world of classical guitar, following his “gear-head phase” as a teenaged electric guitar player.

“My previous thought about classical guitar was that it was boring — until I heard it played for me,” Taucher tells Hurt.

They also discuss his project Sight Read Daily, an initiative to help guitar players build the skill of reading and performing written music on the spot, while connecting them with contemporary composers.

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