Texans In Tune: Heyue Zhang

Texans In Tune is a segment of Marfa Public Radio’s Monday classical music program In Tune, featuring live performances with students at the University of Texas Butler School of Music.

In this segment — which originally aired on Monday, October 14th — host Nick Hurt speaks with Heyue Zhang, a pianist from Nanjing, China currently studying with Gregory Allen in Austin. 

Zhang talks about her recent performance at Carnegie Hall, her thoughts on classical music’s place in today’s musical ecosystem, and her pedagogical lineage — Zhang’s teacher’s teacher’s teacher (and so on) was Ludwig van Beethoven.

Heyue Zhang is a pianist from Nanjing, China. (Courtesy of Nick Hurt)

Zhang performs works by Wang Jianzhong, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Robert Schumann. 

“I feel classics will never fade away, because they have the wisdom of the human being,” Zhang says. “Classical music’s role is an understanding of the history to create the future. I don’t feel that it’s disconnected.”

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