The U.S. Border Patrol Names A New Chief Agent To Its Lead Efforts In The Big Bend

By Mitch Borden

U.S. Border Patrol agents monitor more than 500 miles of the southwest border that make up the agency’s Big Bend sector. But, since February the region’s agents have had to operate without permanent leadership. At least until now.

This week, it was announced Matthew J. Hudak will be the new Chief Patrol Agent for the border patrol’s Big Bend Sector. And as chief, he’ll be in charge of all the agents working in the area.

Hudak’s taking over for Chief Robert Boatright who retired after almost three decades of service earlier this year. Big Bend’s Interim Deputy Chief Patrol Agent Martin Valenzuela said Hudak hit the ground running and made a good impression. 

“He’s very personable. Very approachable. Very community orientated. When he came in shook everybody’s hand. Very open to suggestions.”

According to Valenzuela, Hudak told agents they’re purpose is to enforce the law, but also to serve those who live near and far from the border.

“Regardless of their origin, what their legal status is we’re here to help everybody, we’re here to serve the public.”

Hudak has been a border patrol agent for 21 years and served in Del Rio as that border patrol sector’s deputy chief patrol agent before moving to the Big Bend.


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