The “West Texas Talk” Listener Survey

Dear Listeners,

Marfa Public Radio wants to know your thoughts on “West Texas Talk.” The station is in the process of evaluating the format of the show, the service it provides to listeners, and wants to better understand the topics you care about. Your input will help us better understand how to serve you – the listener.

“West Texas Talk” is your nightly interview program that broadcasts Tuesday through Friday at 6:30 PM.

The program features interviews with community members discussing issues that affect our region, along with upcoming local programs and events. You’ll also hear from local and visiting, artists, musicians, authors, scientists, and other interesting personalities.

Fill out the survey HERE.

Survey closes January 31st. Thank you for your input!

About Diana Nguyen

Diana Nguyen produces the interview program West Texas Talk. She is particularly interested in exploring the intersection of range life, high-brow art, and the vast oil fields of West Texas.
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