This Saturday: Seeking Civility in Political Discourse

In the midst of an intense presidential campaign, 80 percent of Americans find political campaigns uncivil and 85 percent say that politics in general is becoming more uncivil.  Red or blue, how can we seek civility in political discourse?

Tune in this Saturday (September 8) at 6 PM for a  special election season edition of Peace Talks Radio. They’ll assess the issue of incivility, and discuss some ideas on how to address it.  We’ll hear from current Democratic congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio, former long-term Republican congresswoman Connie Morella from Maryland – both of whom actually agree on several things they think will help.  We’ll also talk with two media analysts – Western Washington University’s Michael Karlberg and Hakim Bellamy of the Media Literacy Project, who’ll comment on the media’s role in heightening incivility in political discourse.  And we’ll hear from a woman who’s launched an online project she thinks may help things a bit, by taking a kitchen table around the country.

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