Tiny Desk Block Party: A Magical Marfa Moment

Something magical happened outside of the Marfa Public Radio studios on the twelfth of April –  Something that broke the mold and showed the true spirit of our wonderful community.

Nine musicians and bands from Marfa, TX, performing not only to a huge crowd outside of the building, not only to listeners inside the broadcast range, but to all corners of the earth via the magic of the internet.

The Tiny Desk Block Party originally started as a way merely to celebrate the end of our Spring Membership Drive, and morphed into something way different – And different is good.

From acoustic folk, to classic country and stoner-doom metal, every musician that performed brought their own style and flavor to the table, and showcased what Marfa music is all about – At the same time, the night also showed the power of public radio to bring new sounds to listeners.

Thank you to everybody involved, everybody who attended, everyone who donated during the drive, everybody who tuned in, all the volunteers – We can’t thank you enough.

Pat Keesey (& Glen Hanson)

Christian Rosas with Sadie and Lori Dawley

Tilly Hawk

Sam Walker

Ross Cashiola

Sam Watts

Jockimo (Jimmy Magliozzi & Paul Ritacco)

Phil Boyd (aka Hidden Twin)


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