West Texan Breaks Cycling Record at Age 63




Dex Tooke of West Texas rides his bikes long distances. Earlier this month Dex successfully achieved and broke all previous times for the Texas Cross State Race in ultra-cycling.

Traveling from the Northern tip of the State of Texas to the  Southern  tip, this challenging event totals more than 870 miles. It starts at the Texas/Oklahoma border north of Perryton and concludes in Brownsville on the Mexican border.

K.Yoland from Marfa Public Radio reports.

Dex Tooke completed the Texas Cross State Race on the 13th of November covering 873.5 miles in  64 hours and 33 mins. The weather was tough but at no point did Dex worry.

Accompanying the record breaking ultra cyclist was Joni Tooke (crew chief/domestique), Leah Folsom (domestique), Kevin Jones (driver), Kalleen Whitford (driver), Daniel Sanchez (UMCA official) and Douglas Hoffman (UMCA official).

This challenge was dedicated to the awareness for the Val Verde Country Library Expansion Project.

For more information on Dex please see our Talk at Ten interview on October 7th, 2013.


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