West Texas Talk:
David Shields, Mexican Energy Analyst

On this edition of West Texas Talk, Lorne Matalon speaks with Mexican energy analyst David Shield in Mexico City.

The Scotland-born Shields is widely followed in Mexico and abroad as one of the most credible sources of information on Mexico’s energy sector. For the first time since Mexico nationalized its oil and gas market in 1938, an act that resulted in the expulsion of foreign energy companies, Mexico’s domestic energy market is opening up for both competition and foreign investment. The reform was introduced in 2013 to rescue an under-performing energy sector, one that has battled inefficiency, corruption and most recently a low price environment.

Matalon and Shields also discuss electricity which on average costs 25% more than electricity in the United States for both residential and commercial customers.

His consulting work has ranged from advising companies on projects, investment opportunities and has included updating companies on changes in Mexican energy policy. He is also active in promoting accountability in public tenders at the state-run energy companies through a transparency program promoted by the Mexican Federal Comptroller’s Office.

– Lorne Matalon

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