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Excerpts from Richard Maxwell’s Marfa Performance of ‘Ads’

On this week’s episode, we’ll hear from playwright and director Richard Maxwell. In 2010, he started “Ads”, a play that features pre-recorded monologues of strangers not actors— expressing what they believe.

Over the years, Maxwell has produced different versions of Ads to reflect the various communities he’s visited. Recently, he created a version of the play in Marfa.

Throughout this episode, we’ll listen to the Marfa monologues from Ads. But first, you’ll hear from Maxwell himself.

The New York-based artist sat down with Marfa Public Radio’s Diana Nguyen before the Marfa performance of Ads.

“I wanted to make ads, but ads for the self,” says Maxwell, who was the artist-in-residence during Chinati Weekend 2018. “So I thought about giving people airtime which is really what we’re doing when we ask people to write down what they believe.”

After the interview with Maxwell, hear the monolgoues from:

Joe Cashiola, Sterry Butcher, Ray Zubiate, Primo Carrasco, Ester Sanchez and Yoseff Ben-Yehuda.


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