West Texas Talk:
Jason Sabo On Texas Politics; Fashion Designer Carla Fernández

Jason Sabo (Courtesy of)

Jason Sabo

Diana Nguyen talks to lobbyist Jason Sabo, the founder of Frontera Strategy. His work focuses on helping nonprofits and philanthropists reach their public policy goals.

He is back in the Big Bend for West Texas Rural Philanthropy Days
— an event that connects local nonprofits with foundations and government agencies with similar interests and educates funders about the needs and services in rural West Texas.

They look at what’s happening in Texas politics and discuss the impact the 2018 midterm elections had on the past legislative session, new policies affecting rural Texas, the significance of Census 2020, and more.

Carla Fernández (Graciela Iturbide)

Carla Fernández

Later in the show, Nguyen talks to Mexico City-based fashion designer Carla Fernández, who was recently in West Texas for a pop-up with Ballroom Marfa.

They discuss Fernández’s initial interest in fashion, her label’s mission to make ethical clothing, and her work with indigenous communities to preserve the cultural heritage of Mexico.

About Diana Nguyen

Diana Nguyen is a reporter for Marfa Public Radio. Previously, she was the host and executive producer for West Texas Talk. Her work explores the forces that shape the people and places of Far West Texas.
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