West Texas Talk:
Live Stories of Risk, Love, and Heartbreak

On this episode, we’re revisiting a few of our favorite live stories from 2018.

Last year, we held workshops all around West Texas and hosted a few events in the Big Bend and the Permian Basin. We wanted to highlight some of the storytellers who participated.

The first story was told this past April at our event “All or Nothing: Stories of Big Risks.” Chloe Gallagher lives in Marfa and is the DJ of the show “Wreck Shop” here at the station. She says when she’s not complaining about the heat in the kitchen at Stellina, she can be found talking to flowers and trying to befriend stray dogs.

The second story was told at our February event “Kiss and Tell: Live Stories from Midland.” Randy Ham is the executive director at Odessa Arts, and told a story about friendship.

Joel Hernandez told the last story at “Kiss and Tell: Live Stories from Marfa.”  He’s from Marfa and makes music under the moniker “Kashmir.” You can check out his music here.

Big thanks to these storytellers, and to everyone who’s participated over the last year at our events and workshops

About Diana Nguyen

Diana Nguyen produces the interview program West Texas Talk. She is particularly interested in exploring the intersection of range life, high-brow art, and the vast oil fields of West Texas.
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