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Live Storytelling: “First Times” at Sul Ross University with KSRU

This is the full version of the “First Times” live storytelling event that took place on November 16, 2017 at Sul Ross University. This event was planned by Megan Wilde and her communication students with the university’s radio station, KSRU

  • Dr. Stuart Crane is a psychiatrist in West Texas. He and his wife, Helen, live in Double Diamond south of Alpine.
  • Lorilee London is from Illinois, but now lives in Fort Davis. She says she was into “old school” when it was new.
  • Bret Scott is an Assistant Professor of Communication at Sul Ross.
  • Kay Wilde lives in Alpine near her daughters with her husband. She is currently working on music for her play.
  • Beckie Hagerman recently moved with her family to the wide open beauty of Far West Texas from Baltimore, MD.
  • Michael Amerson from Missouri City, Texas. He studies theatre at Sul Ross State University.
  • Melissa Amparan went to school at Sul Ross, and currently serves as the Assistant Director of Financial aid. She’s also the assistant to the Blind Bard who writes for the Big Bend Sentinel.  
  • Josie Mixon is a poet and writer who has recently moved to Fort Davis from San Antonio. She ran a poetry venue for ten years in San Antonio.

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Diana Nguyen is a reporter for Marfa Public Radio. Previously, she was the host and executive producer for West Texas Talk. Her work explores the forces that shape the people and places of Far West Texas.
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