West Texas Talk:
Part One: Stories from Legacy Storytelling Workshop

On this episode, we hear personal stories crafted at the Legacy Storytelling Workshops. The project is a pilot venture of the Midland Storytelling Festival geared toward encouraging people to tell their own stories.

The workshop was facilitated by resident storyteller Sue Roseberry who provided instruction on the process of sharing the stories and coaching on story selection.

The first story on this episode is told by author Ellen Goldberg. She talks about a summer at The Parkway Inn in 1963.

The second story comes from retired educator Betty Ann Prentice. She volunteers for a number of boards and organizations that promote the arts in Midland Community. Her story focuses on her experience in the Girls Scouts, and what it meant to her.

Tomorrow we’ll hear from Cyndi Hill and Jane Holt.

About Diana Nguyen

Diana Nguyen produces the interview program West Texas Talk. She is particularly interested in exploring the intersection of range life, high-brow art, and the vast oil fields of West Texas.
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