West Texas Wonders:
Front Doors, Bighorn Sheep, Buried Treasure And The Toe Nail Trail With The Rambling Boy

The Rambling Boy teams up with Marfa Public Radio’s Sally Beauvais in an attempt to answer some of the tough history questions that have been submitted to West Texas Wonders.

  1. Susan Kirr of Marfa is curious why several of the old houses on Sacramento Street have two front doors.
  2. Austin Fay of Marfa wants to know when the last bighorn sheep was seen in the Big Bend.
  3. David A. Dunn of Oakland, Mississippi asks how the Toe Nail Trail, which runs from Christoval to Fort McKavett, got its name.
  4. Trisha Runyan of Presidio says she grew up with stories of buried treasure dropped from wagons carrying gold and supplies between San Antonio and Chihuahua, and she and her friends used to go out and hunt for the treasure. She wants to know if there’s any record of someone actually finding buried loot and admitting it.

About Sally Beauvais

Sally Beauvais reports on rural issues in Far West Texas. She also runs Marfa Public Radio's engagement efforts.
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