West Texas Wonders:
The Burro Lady, Rainfall and Marriage, Old Roads And Gas Stations With The Rambling Boy

Rachel Maxwell of Alpine wants to know what the highest level of education the Burro Lady achieved was. Harry Hudson of Dallas wants to know how Mrs. Kerr of Fort Stockton’s marriage proposal related to rainfall. Gretchen Coles of Marfa wonders what route Old Ft. Davis Road followed from Marfa to Fort Davis when it was built — according to her plat map, it included the street she lives on. Phoenix Navidson of Marfa is curious about why there are so many old gas stations in town.

On this episode of The Rambling Boy, Lonn teams up with Marfa Public Radio’s Sally Beauvais to answer some more of our listeners questions about esoteric regional history.

These questions came to us via West Texas Wonders, our journalism initiative where you ask and Marfa Public Radio investigates. Submit your question below.

About Sally Beauvais

Sally Beauvais reports on rural issues in Far West Texas. She also runs Marfa Public Radio's engagement efforts.
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