Wildfire near Candelaria TX coming under control

A wildfire that spread into West Texas from Mexico is coming under control, according to Presidio Fire Chief, Miguel Gonzalez, on Wednesday (April 23).

The fire began in Mexico and high winds spread it across the border to the north, into a rugged area of south Presidio County. It burned in the country roughly between the towns of Candelaria and Ruidosa. Crews fought the fire late into the night on April 21-23, with volunteers staying as late as 2 AM.

On Tuesday, the blaze threatened the town of Candelaria, until strategic back burning helped to divert the flames.

“The fire was behind a house, close to a backyard of a home (in Candelaria),” said Gonzalez, “and we were able to extinguish it there.”

Gonzalez told KRTS News that at least four electrical power poles in Mexico were destroyed, causing power loss along the border there.

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