With Carlos Nieto Facing Federal Charges, The Presidio County Appraisal District Moves On With Its Summer Meeting


At the appraisal board office in Marfa, Presidio County Judge Cinderella Guevara concludes the district’s first meeting without its longtime chairman, Carlos Nieto.

“We are now adjourned,” Guevara calls out. “Good meeting, we got a lot done.”

Nieto was arrested in late June on federal corruption charges and in mid-July the Presidio resident was released on bond. So, at this meeting, Guevara assumed the role temporarily.

“I was appointed chairman today,” Guevarra said. “I used to be vice chairman.”

This was the last in a series of public offices that Nieto held. His resignation from the Presidio School Board was accepted on July 17 and his post at the City of Presidio was abolished on July 5. The length of his tenure here on the appraisal board raised eyebrows, according to vice chairman, Joanne Smith.

“Over 30 years,” Smith said. “And he was chairman, I believe, 23 years. It’s an unusual situation to have a chairman that long. We are revising the board manual with the hope of reducing the term of office.

Nieto, a loquacious talker, was known for running the meetings long, but Guevara said this one moved quickly.

“We took care of each item in a good amount of time,” Guevarra said. “It was very to the point. Everything was very positive.”

In addition to the proposed changes to the policy manual, the group announced a positive audit.

“The appraisal office received an unqualified opinion,” Guevarra said. “So, a very good audit.”

The county appraisal board meetings rotate between Marfa and Presidio. The next meeting, a budget hearing, will be held October 26th. In Marfa,

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