Your Questions, Answered:

“How Screwed Are You” If You Don’t Work In Oil In The Permian Basin? It Depends.

By Mitch Borden It doesn’t take much to see the Permian Basin’s economy is doing pretty well right now. Just look at Midland and Odessa, the two cities’ unemployment rate is around two percent, wages are high and property values … Continue reading

The Burro Lady, Rainfall and Marriage, Old Roads And Gas Stations With The Rambling Boy

Rachel Maxwell of Alpine wants to know what the highest level of education the Burro Lady achieved was. Harry Hudson of Dallas wants to know how Mrs. Kerr of Fort Stockton’s marriage proposal related to rainfall. Gretchen Coles of Marfa wonders … Continue reading

An Astrobleme, And Hotel History With The Rambling Boy

Listeners Linda Beranek, Guadalupe Espinoza, and Josh Knight are among many Marfa Public Radio listeners who have submitted questions about esoteric local history to West Texas Wonders. So we turned to resident historian Lonn Taylor, also known as The Rambling … Continue reading

How Accurate Is The Saying, “For Every Bar In Odessa There’s A Church In Midland?”

By Mitch Borden Today we’re diving into a question from our West Texas Wonders series and this one is taking us to the Permian Basin. Sarah Ross Kelliher, a librarian at the Midland Centennial Library, asked us to get to … Continue reading

Faulting and Fracking: Exploring the History of Earthquakes in West Texas

Listener Ken Richards has always noticed the unique fragments and features of the Big Bend. “I assume some of that, a lot of that, moved around by earthquake,” says Richards. “But I’m wondering if it’s seismically active now.” West Texas Wonders … Continue reading

Without Hospice, Who Gets To Die In The Big Bend?

By Sally Beauvais More than a fifth of the people who call the vast Big Bend region of West Texas home are 65 or older, according to census data from 2016. And many of them, at one point or another, … Continue reading