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In Presidio County, Archeologists Document the Ancient Architecture of Warfare

Our region’s Native American legacy endures in communities and living cultural traditions – and in countless emblems and traces on the West Texas landscape: in images on cave walls and boulders; in pottery and shards of flint from stone-tool making; … Continue reading

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The Rio Grande Cooter: A Desert Turtle is the Lovable Face of an Endangered Watershed

There are few things as magical as flowing water in the desert. Such places refresh both the body and the spirit, and in a land like ours, their presence can feel like an unearned gift. We immediately sense such places … Continue reading

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photograph courtesy Rolfe Mandel.

Odyssey in Big Bend: Tracking the Continent’s First People in the Texas Desert

When it comes to understanding the deep history of human life in the Americas, our region has played a pivotal role. Sites on the plains of West Texas and eastern New Mexico yielded the first evidence of Ice-Age Americans. Indeed, … Continue reading

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“Secret, Occult and Concealed”: Unlocking the Mysteries of Underground Water in West Texas

In 1931, the Texas historian Walter Prescott Webb called windmills “the life-savers of the Plains,” one of three technologies – along with the six-shooter and barbed wire – that allowed white settlement of the arid West. Today, access to underground … Continue reading

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Convergent Ladybugs: Getting to the Bottom of a Mystery at the Top of Texas

For this episode, we’re teaming up with “West Texas Wonders” – a reporting series where listeners ask questions and Marfa Public Radio finds answers. This question comes from listener Pam Gaddis, of Alpine.  “Why do the ladybugs gather up on … Continue reading

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