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The Rambling BoyStories About Texas is a weekly look at regional history, hosted by Lonn Taylor of Fort Davis. The show is broadcast Friday mornings after the 11 AM newscast, and Monday evenings after the 7 PM newscast.

Perhaps the Studebaker Joke is Best Told in German

In the 1970s, Lonn was the director of Winedale, a historic site in Central Texas that had been given to the University of Texas by the well-known Houston Philanthropist, Miss Ima Hogg.

Windale is located near High Top, a Texas-German town with a population of about seventy German speaking people, most of whom were still doing things the same way they had been done a hundred years before Lonn’s arrival.

On this edition of The Rambling Boy, Lonn looks back on his time in Winedale and neighboring Round Top, from friendly faces and history-related expeditions, to jokes that don’t translate as well to an english speaking audience.



Monroe Slack, Marfa WWII Flying Ace and Hero

Over the years, Memorial Day has evolved from a day to honor the war dead into a day to honor all who have served in the military.

In preperation for Memorial Day 2019, Lonn wants to rememebr the life of a Marfa-born, WWII B-17 pilot, Edward Monroe Slack.

After graduating from Marfa High School in 1935, attending Sul Ross and the University of Texas in Austin, Slack decided he wanted to fly, and later became a integral piece of the war effort, flying missions in nazi-oocupied France and later North Africa – including one harrowing mission that earned him the Distinguished Flying Cross.

On this edition of The Rambling Boy, Lonn remembers Slack, a local and national hero.

All the World’s a Stage in the Taylor Household

Lonn may not have grown up in the theater, but he can certainly say he grew up with an awareness of it.

On this edition of The Reambling Boy, Lonn tells of his experiences with the theater; including how his parents were both enthusiastic amateur actors and active in their participants in community theater groups whever the family was living at the time.

A Cock and Bull and Cow and Pig Story

During last week’s episode, Lonn mentioned a story about James Boone and a head of cattle that turned into pigs.

He received so many requests to tell the whole story, that it’s the main topic of discussion this week’s edition of The Rambling Boy.

A Plethora of Tall Texas Tales from Wharton

Recently, an Austin Filmmaker by the name of Anne Rapp, who is currently producing a documentary about  Horton Foote, visited the Taylor residence in Fort Davis.

Foote, a Pulitzer prize-winning playwright and Screenwriter, based most of his plays and films off people who lived in Wharton, Texas – a sleepy, cotton-planting town on the Colorado River near Houston, that he called home.

Wharton also just so happens to be the hometown of Lonn’s grandmother ; On this edition of The Rambling Boy, Lonn explores Foote’s tall tales of Wharton.