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The Rambling BoyStories About Texas is a weekly look at regional history, hosted by Lonn Taylor of Fort Davis. The show is broadcast Friday mornings after the 11 AM newscast, and Monday evenings after the 7 PM newscast.

A Plethora of Tall Texas Tales from Wharton

Recently, an Austin Filmmaker by the name of Anne Rapp, who is currently producing a documentary about  Horton Foote, visited the Taylor residence in Fort Davis.

Foote, a Pulitzer prize-winning playwright and Screenwriter, based most of his plays and films off people who lived in Wharton, Texas – a sleepy, cotton-planting town on the Colorado River near Houston, that he called home.

Wharton also just so happens to be the hometown of Lonn’s grandmother ; On this edition of The Rambling Boy, Lonn explores Foote’s tall tales of Wharton.

Mexican Cuisine vs. Tex-Mex, with Onions, a Must

In 2018, independent folklorist Jens Lund shared an article from Eater Magazine with Lonn titled The Myth of Authenticity Is Killing Tex-Mex, and it inspired him so much he had to talk about it.

On this edition of The Rambling Boy, Lonn, who’s been a fan of Tex-Mex since first trying eating at Caro’s in Fort Worth in 1956, explores the history and future of the cuisine Texans love so much.

Rice Univeristy and the Murder of its Benefactor

Everyone loves a murder mystery, and even though this one is a century old, it has everything: forgeries; poison; a villainous butler; legal tangles; a hurricane; a chance encounter; and one of the wealthiest men in Texas history.

On this edition of The Rambling Boy, Lonn explores the murder mystery of William Marsh Rice, and how it subsequently led to the founding of Rice University.

An Ektachrome is Worth 1,000 Words

Lonn has recently been rambling through the past, with the help of some five-thousand 35mm ektachrome color slides his father took with a Leica III in Asia and Europe between 1947 and 1955.

On this edition of The Rambling Boy, Lonn shares some of his favorites.

When the Liberty Bell Waltzed Across Texas

All most Americans know about the Liberty Bell is that it’s in Philadelphia and has a crack on the side of it.

But did you know that at one time, after being displayed at the San Francisco World’s Fair, it passed through both Marfa and Alpine on it’s way back to the City of Brotherly Love?

On this edition of The Rambling Boy, Lonn talks about the journey that’s been forgotten by most.