There's Something Out There Previous Episodes

There’s Something Out There is a radio documentary series about the strange things that happen in everyday life.

Building 98

It was a cold and windy night when Jennie Lyn first stayed at Building 98. She was awoken by some strange sounds that she still has not forgotten.

La Llorona

Known as “La Llorona” in Mexican folklore, the ghost of the wailing woman haunts rivers, creaks and streets, depending on who you ask. This popular myth has been told by countless generations of Mexican families and continues to endure to this day. The key to its enduring popularity lies in its adaptability and each version reveals something about its teller.

The Man in Black

Billy finally saved enough money to move his family from a trailer to a house in West Texas. He thought he left his problems behind… until some of them followed him into his new home.

The Green Light

Marfa residents Alice Quinlan and TK Croft were on their way back from the Border Zone UFO festival in Presidio, Texas when they saw a mysterious green light appear in the sky.