Terlingua Homicide – The Investigation Continues

Tony Flint of Terlingua, Texas was charged with first degree murder on February 5 in the death of Glenn Felts.  Glenn, who was killed on February 4, was also a resident of Terlingua and the owner of La Kiva.

As of this morning, February 19, Mr. Flint has still not posted bond and remains in the Brewster County jail in Alpine.

District Attorney Rod Ponton was reached in his office in Ft. Stockton, Texas this morning. He shared that the case is still under active investigation and that the evidence test results are still pending as are complete written reports of all those involved in the investigation at the crime scene as well as their subsequent findings.

Ponton also indicated that while the Grand Jury is convened, a date has not yet been set for them to review the evidence.  He said, “once the findings are compiled and presented to the Grand Jury, I have every confidence the evidence will take them where it needs to go.”  He also stated that the full autopsy results are still pending and will be part of the facts presented to the Grand Jury.

That said, District Attorney Ponton and several of his colleagues will be at the Terlingua location of the Family Crisis Center of the Big Bend tomorrow, February 20, from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  They will not be able to share any information that is not public, but are making themselves available to the community.

Although the Terlingua Ghost Town itself is a very tight-knit community, Terlingua “proper” covers a lot of ground and yet has less than 500 residents.  While Brewster County is the largest county in the state of Texas, it has a population of less than 10,000 and is an environment where residents are especially impacted.

Kirk Meade, Flint’s court-appointed attorney, was contacted this morning but said they were not making any statements at this time.

Today marks the 3rd week since Felts’ death and his infamous “open mic” night being held at a location other than La Kiva.  The first was the night after he was killed and a group of friends gathered at the creek near La Kiva to honor him and continue the open mic tradition.  Last week, friends gathered at the home of a friend to ensure the record would not be broken and tonight’s open mic will follow suit.  On a bittersweet note, however, today is also the birthday of Gumby, Glenn’s best friend and La Kiva’s former bartender.  Gumby was as much a fixture of La Kiva for the past 12 years as was Glenn.

A private memorial service will be held this weekend in Terlingua for Felts’ family and close friends.  Invitations were sent by the family and they are asking that people respect their privacy at this time.  According to Felts’ sister, Molly, the service will be one of celebration, “this is Glenn’s day and it will be happy. Let’s laugh and be grateful that Glenn has touched our lives in so many ways, we can cry on each other’s shoulders later.”

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