Balmorhea State Park BeginsDaily Visitation Cap

Beginning this weekend, Balmorhea State Park plans to cap the amount of daily visitors the park sees.  The move is in part an effort to help preserve the area.

Traffic to Balmorhea State Park will ease beginning this weekend, as park officials start capping daily passes to 1,300 visitors.

“This change is an effort that the park is trying to use in order to preserve a lot of the delicate resources at the park, including some of the threatened and endangered species,” Stephanie Garcia, spokesperson with Texas Parks and Wildlife, says.

The visitation cap, according to officials, is also an attempt to ensure visitor safety and maintain a quality experience. Last year, the park – whose 3.5 million gallon pool is fed from the San Solomon Springs – saw about 163,000 visitors, making it one of the most visited parks in the state.

The summer months prove popular, says Garcia.

“Especially through these holiday weekends, people are looking for a great place to kick back and cool off and Balmorhea is a great place to do that.”

Each day, park staff will sell 1,000 daily passes and issue 300 slips, which will allow visitors to return to the park in the afternoon to buy a pass.


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