Brewster County loses approximately $470,000 in funding for water projects

By Caroline Halter

Brewster County will no longer receive nearly half a million dollars in grant funding from the Texas Department of Agriculture, also known as TDA. 

Brewster County Judge Eleazar Cano said the money was slated to go towards extending and improving water infrastructure in the southern part of the county.

“We do rely on these kind of funding opportunities to improve our constituents’ lives and even their ability to survive out here,” said Cano. 

Cano explained the problems stem from the county’s previous county treasurer, who failed to properly account for department funds and deliver documents requested for the 2014 and 15 audits in a timely manner.

Judge Cano said he’s doing everything he can to get back in the TDA’s good graces and looking into alternative funding sources.

“We’ve even contacted Hurd’s office, our congressman, to try to get their assistance and you know, seeing if they could help us out,” he said. 

As of now, Brewster County will have to wait 5 years before becoming eligible to apply for grants from TDA again, but the agency did agree to continue funding another project already in progress.

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