KRTS Crosses into Mexico at Boquillas, and then Back Into Texas…Legally

Wednesday, April 10, 2013: This morning, Marfa Public Radio news reporter Lorne Matalon was among the first to cross at the new international port of entry between Big Bend National Park, Texas, and Boquillas, Mexico.

After more than a year of wrangling, between officials in the United States and Mexico, this pedestrian crossing has now opened officially. KRTS spoke to residents of Boquillas, Mexico, about their joy and relief for the port opening.

Radio report at 2:15 PM 

      KRTS News of Boquillas Port of Entry
      KRTS News of Boquillas Port of Entry, 2:15 PM

Radio report at 5:05 PM 

      KRTS News on Boquillas Port of Entry
      KRTS News on Boquillas Port of Entry, 5:05 PM

Radio report at 5:45 PM 

      KRTS News on Boquillas Port of Entry
      KRTS News of Boquillas Port of Entry, 2:15 PM

Previous KRTS News reports on the border opening were filed in March 2013, November 2012, and even back in January 2011. Lorne Matalon also filed a Fronteras news report in January 2013.

On this day, in which this new border crossing opened, there was a immigration rally in Washington D.C. in a gathering called “All-In For Citizenship.”

The unmanned, pedestrian crossing is open Wednesdays through Sundays, from 9 AM to 5:30 PM, and U.S. citizens require a passport or pass card. Arriving into Mexico, travelers will be asked to fill out a visa.

Listen on Thursday to Morning Edition and All Things Considered for more on this story. Also at 10 AM, an hourlong commemoration of the border opening, live at 93.5 FM and streaming online at

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