KRTS Off-Air Due To Damaged AEP Equipment

UPDATE: Monday, July 16, 2019 – Our broadcast was restored Monday afternoon.

AEP is working to restore power to the top of Brown Mountain. An outage caused by a storm damaged a piece of equipment and is keeping 93.5 FM (Marfa and Fort Davis broadcast) off-air.

KRTP, KDKY, and KXWT broadcasts are unaffected.

On Friday, AEP attempted to repair the damaged equipment that was keeping us off the air. But the company said the road conditions on Brown Mountain made it difficult to climb. It’s unclear when the company will be able to repair their damaged equipment, but they are attempting to head up to our tower again on Saturday.

We will continue to update you as we assess the issue.

Damaged AEP equipment that is causing KRTS outage (Ian Lewis / Marfa Public Radio)

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