More Than 50,000 Killed On Texas Roads In Last 15 Years

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is marking a grim milestone this week: Saturday, November 7, will mark 15 years of at least one person dying every day on roads in Texas.

The department says there hasn’t been a single day without a death on Texas roads since November 7, 2000.

“More than 50,000 people have been killed on Texas roadways over the past 15 years and that number is a sobering reminder that we must do everything in our power to stay focused and safe while driving,” TxDOT’s Executive Director Joe Weber said in a press release.

“We can stop this staggering streak if all drivers make it a priority to be safe, focused and responsible.”

According to the department, 51,832 people in all have been killed in car crashes since November 7, 2000. TxDOT says the leading cause of roadway deaths continues to be alcohol, with distracted driving and not using a seatbelt also leading factors.

The department has launched the social media campaign #EndTheStreakTX to raise awareness about safe driving, and to honor those thousands of people who lost their lives on the state’s roads.

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