West Texas Talk:
Luis Armendariz; Musician Molly Rodriguez

Luis Armendariz at the Presidio Lumber Yard. (Carlos Morales / Marfa Public Radio)

Luis Armendariz

For today’s show, we’re highlighting voices from Presidio to celebrate of the launch our newest broadcast frequency KOJP 95.3 FM. 

Diana Nguyen talks to Luis Armendariz, a 75-year-old Presidio resident who’s spent the majority of his life in West Texas. He was the former superintendent of Big Bend Ranch State Park and took over managing the Presidio Lumber Yard — the Armendariz family business — after he retired from Texas Parks and Wildlife.

They discuss his life and family history.

Molly Rodriguez (Emanuel Burgos )

Molly Rodriguez

Later in the show, Diana Nguyen speaks to Ojinaga-based musician Molly Rodriguez.

She plays across West Texas with Mariachi Santa Cruz and The Resonators. (Her parents, John and Lucy Ferguson, are bandmates in both outfits.)

On top of playing gigs, she’s busy teaching band in Presidio and making her own music, sometimes collaborating with her younger brother FullyMaxxed.

Nguyen talks to Rodriguez talks about growing up in Presidio, what it’s like to split time between two countries, and her music.

You can listen the new song “Descansar” here.

About Diana Nguyen

Diana Nguyen is a reporter for Marfa Public Radio. Previously, she was the host and executive producer for West Texas Talk. Her work explores the forces that shape the people and places of Far West Texas.
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